A Personal Message

Self-development is good as long as we understand the self that we are looking to develop. Stress management techniques are good as long as we understand what stress is and what are its channels of propagation before we get to eager to “manage”.

I have created this website and all my other public pages (Youtube, Facebook, etc.) with a major aim in sight: helping you know yourself better so that you will make better decisions, elect better responses, perform from your higher intelligence instead of your conditioned behaviour, and most importantly, so that you will learn to live your life FREER everyday from fear, self-doubt and social conditioning so that you could shine your light and help others at your turn heal and evolve.

As long as you go through the honest and dogma-free self-discovery process presented here, as long as you are opened to question your old beliefs, especially the information gathered through years of academic training, religious or other spiritual practices – or simply life habits – you will gain a new and fresher perspective, which will hopefully inspire you to take control over you mind, your emotions, and your life.

The knowledge shared here it is already present in every cell of your being, even though you may not be aware of it. Yet, it comes from a sphere of existence that we have yet to attain.

For those of you on your path of awakening, it will provide the “home sound”, the trigger or the confirmation you were looking for. For those of you new to this process of awakening to a greater cycle of life, it may come as a shock to your self-contained, hard-earned and proud academic, religious or spiritual belief system.

It will sure challenge many beliefs systems. It certainly shook mines from the ground-up and it took me few good years ever since to come to terms with the whole spectrum of it.

One thing is sure, it will heal every single one of you at levels you will discover along your path of self-discovery and self-actualisation.

I do not ask you to believe everything you find here. When in doubt, it is always better to do your extensive researches and come to the conclusion that is closest to your heart. But by that I mean EXTENSIVE researches, inner and outer, not three lines from this or that health magazine or book, and not only in your field, if you are a doctor, a therapist or a healer.

The main point to take home is that you are more than you have been made to believe, and the key to that knowledge is within yourSelf.


To your greater life,

Your fellow traveller,

Gratiela M. Rosu

Let's make this world a better place!