Depression, Trauma & Psychosomatic Pain

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Case studies:

PTSD, bipolar depression; repeated suicide attempts

Nadine, 51 years old: came to see me after her last psychiatric hospitalisation. She had lost her husband after many years of battling cancer. Few years later she was happy in a new relationship. The day of their anniversary she found him dead, hanged in her house. She was on 14 antidepressants par day, 4 Valium at night to help her sleep. Her longest night sleep was of about 3 hours, waking up in cold sweat. She was terrorised to live in her house since the incident, so she put the house she had built with her husband up for sale.

She wanted to stop talking the antidepressants because they impaired her mental faculties and affected her overall health and was determined to take control over her life, to be of help to her children instead of being a burden.


– After 6 sessions she was free from all medication with no side effects.

– She recovered a healthy sleep pattern: slept 5-6 hours per night without interruption, and had regained a positive life attitude.

– After the 8th session she began the redecoration of her house, took it off the market and started to make plans for the future.

– By the end of our 12 weeks programme she was free from her past traumas, free from depression, enjoying her life with her children and the newly-arrived grandchildren.

Panic attacks –  Spontaneous past life regression

Megan, 18 years old student: severe anxiety attacks while entering the school premises, feeling of strangulation before bedtime, recurring nightmares. Two years under medical and classic therapeutic treatment with no results. She wanted to drop off school before finishing her Baccalaureate given her condition.

Results after 8 weeks:

– All her conditions healed since the 3rd session.

– Improved self-esteem and self-confidence.

– Achieved an in-depth self-work and improved family relationships.

– Passed Baccalaureate with “Distinction”.

Megan was the first client to take me into a past life regression, indadvertedly, since neither of us ever considered this avenue. It turned out that her anxiety attacks when entering the school premises were triggered by her peripheral vision of seeing desks. The sight of desks were a subconscious trigger for her past life memories of a young girl during wartime, hiding under a desk to escape being murdered.

Schizophrenia – Psychic undiscovered abilities

Odile 21 years old: bipolar depression, schizophrenia, repeated suicidal attempts

Odile spent her teenage years in a mental institution where her parents put her to the advice of the psychiatrists. At the age of 18 she was released because she was no longer a child, so the state could no longer accommodate her. She had no qualifications, her family didn’t want her back, so she squatted where she could find a place to live. Her schizophrenia condition manifested under the appearance of a dark Father Christmas sitting on her shoulder, inciting her to self-destructive behaviours (drinking, drugs, self-harm.)

Odile’s schizophrenia turned out to be an undetected psychic ability: she was clairaudient, with a hearing range way above the normal hearing range. This ability started to manifest around age 9 when she developed chronic headaches. Because of it, she overcompensated with food and became overweight very soon – reason for which her parents took her to a psychiatrist. Nobody ever inquired into her headaches predating the onset of her schizoid symptoms. Her dark father Christmas figure was the result of her young mind trying to externalise the maddening cacophony of voices and sounds she was hearing “like on a radio when you try to find a channel and get many overlapping sounds in between”. The figure turned out to be her grandfather, Christmas was another event which marked her.

Results after 7 weeks:

– Since the second session she had lost her Father Christmas figure and all psychotic episodes.

– She learned to forgive her parents for abandoning her during her most fragile years and initiated a rekindling with her mother, which she thought impossible before the programme.

– By the 7th session she rented an apartment, found a job and started a healthy relationship, having a healthy lifestyle and diet, no medication and no recurring episodes.

Unfortunately, Odile had interrupted her programme to the request of her mother. The mother made Odile’s acceptance back into the family conditional upon her returning to see the psychiatrist and back on her medication.

Food phobia

Jack, 9 years old, had chocked with food during one school meal. Instead of getting support while he was suffocating, he was being ridiculed. Since then, he had developed a phobia for almost any kind of food that required mastication.

Results after three sessions

We had a special restaurant day where Jack had eaten his first beef stake since the school incident. The family had moved abroad, but the mother reported that Jack was doing great, was beaming with self-confidence, and was growing into a beautiful, happy young man.

Multiple sclerosis, paralysis, depression


After 4 sessions of my hypnosis technique, Kirk, 53, has moved his paralysed fingers for the first time. After the 6th session he walked 10 steps unaided by his crutch, after a long time. His depression was gone by the 4th session. You can see his testimonial here.

Obesity, diabetes type 2, bypass following a heart attack, stasis dermatitis on the lower leg with an open wound that did not heal.

Eric, 53 years, was having fainting spells following a new treatment for his diabetes, with blood sugar levels mounting up to 3 g/l. At the beginning of the programme he weight 125 kg (275 lbs).

Results after 8 weeks:

Within two months of our programme he lost 18 kg (39.68 lbs) without dieting, he stabilised his blood sugar levels without medication, he reduced his cholesterol, improved the blood circulation and healed the leg wound. Because of the seriousness of his case, we did a “before” and “after” blood test with the concurs of his family doctor, attesting to these results. Four years since we have worked together, his diabetes is still under control. He had learned to use his self-healing abilities, had expanded his views on life in general and had opened up to spirituality, which before the programme was of no interest to him.

The story behind CWS Coaching*

You will find the full story behind the birth of CWS Coaching* in my book Conversations With Self – God, Consciousness And Existence Revealed.

It is a book I highly recommend to anybody going through hard times, searching their purpose or suffering from any condition: from debilitating fears of unworthiness, to grief, depression, divorce, spiritual crisis – to finding their inner strength and freedom, and learning to tap into the inherent powers we all have.

My initial professional background is in law and juridical sciences. I speak four languages and I have trained in two different systems of law: civil and common law (Masters degree).

As it happens in most cases of profound spiritual awakening, I was bulldozed into the world of spirituality and healing after a life of abuse, depression and denial, culminating with a near-death experience.

I was born with all known psychic abilities, which made my already difficult childhood a nightmare. So I did all in my power to run away from this unseen world and threw myself fully into the intellectual world, hence the choice of law.

Since my near-death experience I have studied, researched and qualified into a broad spectrum of alternative medicine disciplines (hypnotherapy, energy medicine, coaching, NLP), becoming a certified professional member of the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council in the U.K.

I have visited gurus and healers, spent a fortune on seminars and personal development programmes in an attempt to understand what I have been shown during that extraordinary experience. To my despair, no one seemed to have the knowledge that I brought back, and no technique or healing method was teaching what I’d been shown during my transcendental experience: The present healing paradigm is obsolete. We have reached a point in our development as a species where it is imperative to develop self-reliance. We can no longer wait to be healed. We have an urgent need of education into our functions and unexplored (and unconceived yet) abilities.

Once we know ourselves, once we understand what caused us the ‘illness’, the healing happens by itself, the balance is restored naturally.

CWS Coaching* is a progressive tool for wellbeing and societal evolution.

It is based on the science of Self and its multidimensional functions. Its approach departs from the current scientific, religious or new age spiritual views. While acknowledging some of their tenets, CWS Coaching* introduces a new paradigm of thinking altogether.

From a higher perspective, we are all sparks of Source having a myriad of multidimensional experiences, simultaneously. The experience of one impacts the experiences of all – in all dimensions.

The human experience is one of these myriads expressions of Self.

As evoked in the Conversations With Self book, we, human beings, are the cells of a bigger body of existence, having the same functions and undergoing the same process as the cells in our bodies.

Compared to the rest of the ‘cells’ and ‘organs’ (other beings and levels of expressions) of this multiversal body, we are in our embrionary stage of self-awareness, but we hold within the holographic blueprint of the whole.

Just like our bodies are designed to experience perfect harmony and joy, so is the multiversal body of existence.

Just like our bodies have built-in the eleven self-regulating systems (such as the respiratory, circulatory, nervous, immune, etc.), so has the multiversal body; all acting in concert like the instruments in an orchestra to achieve the harmonious experience of the multiple facets of Self: ‘The Melody of Creation.’

And just like ‘hitting’ a false note is an indication for the musician that he plays out of tune and that he needs to hone his skills, so is pain and illness in the human an indication that he is playing his instrument (our body-mind-spirit complex) in dissonance.

The next frontier of science, including the science of healing, is the understanding of our multidimensional experience subjected to this law of harmonics.

Each thought, each intention, each feeling and emotion have their distinct tones. When we play harmoniously, we feel as if touched by Grace. We expand, we create and we evolve. We enjoy happy, fulfilled and healthy lives. When we play disharmoniously, in cacophony with the rest of the orchestra, we feel the effects of our dissonant notes express in all areas of our lives. We are fearful, ill and depressed. Our creativity is blocked and we stop expanding – the classical description of entropy.

With such understanding comes the evident requirement of self-adjustment, self-improvement, self-correction, and self-mastery.

Continuing in this archaic and damaging paradigm of reliance on the external intervention by a ‘healer’ (whether a doctor, a pill, a herb or a technique) is synonymous to expecting that somebody else corrects the false note played by the musician on his instrument to achieve for him the melody he was supposed to interpret.

From this view-point, CWS Coaching* is at the forefront of the leading science of self-development, self-healing, and self-mastery. Its fundamental approach is based on an extensive education of the human being of the XXI century to coach and foster an advanced and harmonious civilisation. An elevated human being who no longer needs to be healed, who no longer needs to be ruled and controlled, and who no longer needs external correction of the notes he plays on his instrument in this multiversal symphony of Life.

CWS Coaching * In Practice

CWS Coaching * consultations last between 3 to 5 hours. During our preliminary email exchanges you will receive a client intake form with a questionnaire that you must fill in and send at least two days before your arrival.

The first consultation is 3 hours, during which we complete your assessment and set up the program to follow.

If it proves necessary, we will use multidimensional hypnosis and regression to unlock your potential and find the real cause of your problems.

The minimum duration of the program is eight weeks, one session per week of about 3-5 hours each. For more details about the type of consultations I offer, please see the consultations page.

To reserve a consultation, an email mentoring session or an intensive retreat in my S.W. France practice, please use this form.

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