* You suffer from emotional pain and want to get results ASAP?

* You suffer from a health issue that medicine cannot address?

* You have battled depression for a long time and tried all kinds of therapies without result?

* You think you have some special gifts, are psychic or feel uncomfortable and strange on Earth?

* You are a V.I.P. (aren’t we all?) and want to address your issues without the world knowing (I still ask testis’ at the end)?


CWS Coaching* In Practice

CWS Coaching * consultations last between 1:30 to 3 hours. During our preliminary email exchanges you will receive a client intake form with a questionnaire that you must fill in and send at least two days before your arrival.

The initial consultation is 3 hours, during which we complete your assessment and set up the program to follow.

The duration of the CWS Silver Programme* is eight weeks, one session per week of about 1:30 – 3 hours each.

For more details about other type of consultations I offer, please see the consultations page.