Just think for a moment – how much of you is aware now?

What were the thoughts you had just before reading this? What about this morning before leaving your house (or bed)?

We are required each day to speed-learn how to use new gadgets but are left in nursery school when it comes to using and managing ourselves.

We know more about a celebrity’s life-style or the applications of a mobile phone than we know about our mind, our thoughts and emotions, and we still wonder why we are unhappy, dissatisfied and ill.

Worst, we all pretend to be doing just fine when in truth we feel each day more isolated and more dissatisfied with ourselves and the world around us.

Why? Why can’t we be happy or at least content with our life? Why can’t we just be the way we are and live in peace with it?

Answer: Because we have no clue of who we are! We have been raised to juggle so many personalities that the “multiple personality disorder” is nothing but our society’s norm:

“Ethnic group? Age? Sex? Education? Religion? Marital status? Alien or national? Employment status? Job title? Owner or tenant?” You’ve got the idea….

And it doesn’t stop there, I’m afraid! Each segment has its own:

Sex: Female/Male? Which kind, dear?

Do you prefer same sex, opposite sex, both or neither?”

Personality type? The Good – The Bad – Or The Ugly?”

The nice one that pleases everybody?

The one that everybody likes but nobody loves?

Or the one that everybody hates but secretly wish they will be more like?

Education: Basic – Mediocre or Superior? How superior? University Degree – Master – Ph.D? How many?

 Job title: Business owner? What business? What size: small, medium or large? How large?

I hope you laugh by now, but this is how we get messed up.

We are evaluated and learn to evaluate ourselves (and others) not by taking stock of our inner values, our inner qualities, but by outer comparison with the world projected onto us.

We are so good at playing all those roles society has given us since birth, but we are the worst actors when it comes to playing the most important role: Thyself.

Not knowing who we are is the root of all our troubles – individual and global.

So what’s the solution?

Ask better questions!

If I could resume the secret to better health, happier relationships and personal growth, I would say it again:

The quality of you life reflects the quality of the questions you ask!

The more curious you are about yourself, the better questions you will ask.

The better questions you ask – the better answers you find.

The better the answers – the better the decisions you make.

The better the decisions – the freer you get.

The freer you get – the closer to the real you.

Well, and let’s just say that once you’re there, you won’t worry about the silly things you are worrying now.

Whatever your stage, whatever your troubles, do not let fear or pride rule your life!

Remember, you have always a choice.

Dare reaching for more. Keep asking questions and never settle for ready-made answers. And most importantly – never come with an answer to a question that is yet to be asked.

Keep learning, try new avenues, read extensively, explore more of yourself and watch your life being transformed.

And have fun while doing it. Life is so boring around self-important people.

Cut yourself loose from rigidity, fault finding, shame and “I know it all” attitude and feel the difference.

If doubt shall overwhelm you, use it and doubt about your weakness, not your strength!


To your Self-Mastery, Health and Prosperity,

Your fellow traveller,

Gratiela M. Rosu


Let's make this world a better place!