It’s time to celebrate! 2018 will be a fantastic year in many aspects.

It is the year of Love, achievements and unity. Relationships – personal and social – will see a boost of deep core values. Female energy will be at its best yet, both in women and men, causing us to experience more inner balance and inner strength. We will see a surge in authentic expression. The veil of the illusion we have been living so far is lifting at rapid speed. We will witness more individuals awakening to their mission. The hard work we put in will finally reap its results. The focus on material values will be rapidly surpassed by the focus on spiritual truth. Old wounds will come to the surface asking to be resolved once and for all. Relationships that have nothing more to teach and share will come to an end, not with the same painful and dramatic kick from the ego as we have seen until now, but rather with a mutual recognition that it is time to move on. Old grudges and family feuds will also come to an end this year. The hatches will be buried, as we will feel an increasing energy of unity, love and family, both personal and as a collective. If 2017 has been the year of exposing the ugly truths, 2018’s energy is one of integration. The focus will not be on the shadow, but rather on the light in every one of us. 2018 is the year of authenticity, of a harmonious expression of Self, of self-empowerment and deep inner values. It is the year of healing and transcendence of the old stage, ready to graduate into the new one towards which we are headed. The only science that will make a difference in our lives will be the science of spirituality, that which will incorporate all aspects of who we are, and the human being is finally awakening in grand scale to that science, reclaiming that superior knowledge until now denied.

So, to benefit from all this, the only New Year’s resolution you have to make is:


Happy True You!

Gratiela M. Rosu – CWS Coaching*


Let's make this world a better place!

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