What is past life-regression anyway?


Past life regression is nothing but an advanced form of memory retrieval.

During our self-exploratory journey, since we left Source, we have experienced many different forms, many different lives, each with its own distinct emotional experiences. Emotional, since the main reason for leaving Source is to experience the emotion of the potential of being separated and the different avenues for coming back « home ». So, in truth, when you think you are going into one or many of your past lives, it is in fact Source focussing its attention on that or those particular manifestations which took the individuation of « you.»

The best moments when we are invited into this form of remembering is when something dramatic happens to us: either when we get ill, or when we get stuck in a self-perpetuating limiting pattern that blocks our expansion back to Source consciousness or pure Self-awareness.

Illness, contrary to the general belief, is not to be ‘healed’ through various techniques so we can experience again ‘harmony’. It is to be listened to. Disharmony, as the end spectrum of harmony, has its role. Despite its bad reputation, it is our best if not only (for some) tool for awakening from this general trance we have fallen into in this experience. It is a gift, since it pushes us hard against our false beliefs, forcing us to employ methods that otherwise we would not conceive of. It is that desperation that directs us finally on the path of return. One pain in this life could be, and often is, a pain from another life – whether past or parallel that’s another subject for debate.

When you access that part of you that is stuck in its pain, you heal both aspects – past and present. Basically, through that pain, that splinter of Self helps this splinter of Self become aware of its multidimensionality. Otherwise put, the past heals the future, and the future heals the past through an incredible dance of ambivalence and reciprocity.

This meeting point of past with the future, or from our perspective, the present Self with a past aspect of Self, allows for the integration of at least two aspects of Self. This, in its turn, will spark the memory of other aspects of Self (other « past lives »), and through each journey into each we achieve the integration of more aspects of Self until we come to realise that we can tap into all potential selves – whether actualised by « ourselves » or by « others ».

I see the future of humans venturing into « past lives », « astral projections », « out of body experiences » and so on as a unification of consciousness in which we realise that it has been « us » playing all the other roles all this time. That is the final point of Self-realisation.

We have yet a long way to go until such unification of consciousness takes place, but that distance is only measured by the length of our beliefs in our identity and personality; basically, by the length of our ego.


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