What is healing?

Healing is bringing back balance and harmony into a system. The human body is only a part of the human being’s system. It is the vehicle through which we experience our environment and at the same time the “feedback machine” of our inner world. It works in a continuous feedback loop with our non-physical realities: our thoughts and emotions. If you bump into a chair hurting your toe (physical), you may experience an inner discomfort called pain (non-physical). It works in the same way in reverse: you may remember an unpleasant event (thought, non-physical), which may create physical pain (a headache, muscular contractions, etc.). Or you may imagine biting a lemon and find your mouth experiencing an increase in saliva. In both cases, what makes us suffer is the inner processing and interpretation of the outer experience. If the experience of bumping into a chair had been wired differently into your nervous system, you might experience a different sensation, such as pleasure. We have all heard about people who experience pleasure in response to pain; a condition referred to as “masochism”.

Understanding this feedback (or vicious circle in many cases) mechanism is of utmost importance when it comes to healing. Whether from a spiritual point of view or a scientific one, it all relates to the same thing:

It is the inner processing (thoughts/feelings) of information received from outside or created internally (imagination) that generates the outer physical experience which we call “reality”.

Think of the body as the data collector agent and the mind as the data processing office, and then again the body as the executor of the decision taken in that “office”. The one linking the two is our intellect. With greater knowledge comes greater control and higher creative power. If you were to walk on piping hot coal, you would experience severe pain and burns. However, if you knew how to control your mind as the fire walkers do, your feet would not suffer the usual results of contact with the fire.

Another example that baffles medical science to this day is the placebo effect. A sugar pill or a few drops of water administered to patients who believe that they take a medicine for their condition, has proven to work in some cases more efficiently than the real drug.

How is that possible? Remember, the body is the data collector: it collects the outside information through its known sensory faculties: the sight of the pill, the hearing of the explanation, the sensing of the setting (hospital, doctor’s practice), it tastes it with the mouth and allows it to enter by ingestion. The “data processing office”, the mind, then transforms this information into a physical result by altering chemical and neurological responses to correspond with the expected result.

And here, again, we are sent to an inner, non-physical realm since expectations are non-physical and vary from one individual to another, conditioned by their set of beliefs.

Beliefs, yet again, are non-physical, and they too vary from individual to individual in proportion to their intellectual development achieved through learning and experience since birth.

Intellect, in this example, is not to be understood exclusively as academic knowledge, but as a whole, including the emotional and the spiritual intelligence. It is this intellectual triune the one neglected by both science and spirituality. Science because it excludes this third component of higher intellect; spirituality because it tends to bypass the first two stages.

It pays to say that I had experienced both: I was swinging between the proud academic intellect and its analytical aspect to the detriment of the emotional or spiritual ones. Then I was thrown into the other extreme of spiritual awareness but with a massive pain of not knowing how to relate to the first one without looking or sounding ridiculous as most new age believers seemed to me. When I was experimenting on the emotional plan, I was then torn between the two extremes: at times I thought that I had the answer, just to end up in a big wall of more questions. Trying to understand a physical response to an emotional experience from the cerebral explanations given by the behavioural science was taking me nowhere, other than perhaps to one of their mental institutions, had I persisted in that line of thought.
Most of them are close to the answer but incomplete, and so are inefficient in dealing with depression, OCD and many other “mental” or psychosomatic conditions. Their lack of results resides in their lack of acknowledgement that all physical manifestation (whether an illness, a healing or building a car) is dependent on the communication between the “unseen” to the seen.

When it comes to healing, this communication is essential. In the medical field, the first connection a person makes is with their doctor, who will inform them of what is not working. Then, the doctor prescribes the medication that it has been trained to prescribe (because let’s be honest, most of the medical science is trial and error science). The artificial chemical drugs prescribed are supposed to communicate to the “ill part”, the physical element of the person, the correction of the natural chemical process. In synthesis, if I should use a metaphor, is like a stranger coming into your house changing your music, bossing you around by telling you how you should arrange your furniture or attempting to do it at your place. In so doing, it may break few rare vases and family artefacts, but hey, they are doing you “a favour”!

In the personal development field, there is a high accent on developing “skills” to manipulate the client’s mind, but not a single word mentioned about the fact that we communicate with one another and the environment long before we become aware of what we want to say. How come that it works, one may ask. It doesn’t. It is not the technique that works, but the belief in it as something new, revolutionary, when in fact there is nothing new in any technique available on earth. There is science, there is, in some cases merit, but all come from nature and higher intelligence.

One day, I was called by a lady interested to work with Neuro-Linguistic-Programming techniques on her issues. She heard from a friend that NLP works wonders in just under one hour, and she specifically wanted her issues to be addressed through NLP means. She refused to indicate what her issues were, yet making the use of NLP the condition of coming to see me. I obviously refused. Did I fail her? No. She was ready to exchange one set of beliefs that brought her in need of therapy for another. She wanted somebody to manipulate her mind, to do to her something that under an hour would have changed her state. While that is possible, I believe that education is better than manipulation. We achieve best results when we are free from external manipulation, ready to take charge of our states, health, and life, and that comes with serious inner work. Only when we become aware of and understand the process we have used to get ill, can we then reverse it. You may call this reverse mental engineering. That is the real communication the body responds to in all healing, going back to inspect the moments responsible for our unbalanced states. Changing the prism from where we are looking at them, and acquiring a broader inner vision that will reinstall the harmony.

There are many kinds of healing. Sleep, for example, is a form of natural healing. Laughter is healing, a good get-together, a haircut when one needs it, a good massage or anything that requires total relaxation. A walk in nature, working the earth, being in the presence of animals, swimming, listening to the birds’ songs while sunbathing on the grass. For me, when I need to get centered, cooking is healing. Slow movements with utmost care to each ingredient provide double healing – for myself and for those eating that dish charged with energy and love.

But the biggest form of healing is the return to Self, to Source, which we attain through spiritual knowledge, through gnosis.

Our nature, however, has multiple bodies of experience, so when it comes to healing, each aspect of Self will have to receive its respective level of healing (the emotional, the physical, the mental, the spiritual, and the social) for a complete healing to take place. This is deep healing, which we need as we move through the stages of our life. It could be from an existent condition or as a means to get out of a long-term stagnation, as a means of injecting some energy to give us the wish and will to do something more with our lives.

Where there is stagnation, there is decay. When we stop moving our bodies, we experience pains; our whole structure becomes depleted of strength and vitality. When we have reached a roadblock in our minds going in circles without making a decision, that too is a sign of decay – of the faculty of free will and choice making. The less we make use of this gift and privilege, the weaker the muscles of this function, and the easier it is to fall prey into hands willing to command and decide for us. Guard it well, for you will not be given another one!

Healing it is an ongoing process of adjustment to the position attained through evolution. Evolution itself is a battle. We get the lands we were after, but we also get many wounds in so doing. Conquering the false self in this struggle, it is perhaps the hardest challenge we have. As we move along, we are constantly subjected to the poisoning temptations waiting to leave their marking stain on the soul. Each moment we spend in worry and insecurity carves wounds on our souls, bodies, minds, and spirits.
Depending on the circumstances created by each and their prevalent set of emotions (an emotion, just as a thought, never comes alone), a person will often exteriorise their inner conflict in a way for the mind-body-spirit to understand. If not theirs, their healer’s complex should be able to read the messages.

If I were to reduce healing to one word, that would be: Knowledge.

We have been lead for far too long on a path of denial of the evidence. Our planet is but a tiny dot in this infinite house of Creator’s playground. We are perhaps one of the younger human species in the universe and, as most youngsters’ characteristic is arrogance, we make plenty use of it. Denying the existence of something we do not understand has been so far the trend of science while accepting everything and anything being the signature of religion and pseudo-spiritual teachings. Both are wrong, and each side could learn from the other. Where one lacks imagination and aplomb, to borrow from the exulted friends, and what those lack in analysis, logic, and an ounce of restraint, to borrow from the first.

There is nothing to be against in this evolutionary cycle other than our ignorance and stagnation. As long as we kick, scream and finger-point, nothing will ever change for the good, for change will happen naturally, swiping us under its brush, whether prepared or not.

How can one recognise the signs before it is too late?

The symptoms vary from one person to another. They could be undesired life experiences, negative thoughts, pains, repeated “bad luck “ situations or anything that is trying to get our attention and we refuse to look at it.
We only refuse these messages out of fear, and fear is when we don’t know, but we think we do.

The most important part of a healing process is the acceptance of the person of their mistakes and lacks. Until one is ready and willing to admit his faults and to evaluate their toolkit, there is no chance of a true healing. For healing is nothing but acquiring knowledge, and one cannot do so when they think that they already know everything.

If I could send a message to the whole medical profession, allopath or alternative, to all healers and therapists, to every single human being, in the end, that would be this: Never stop learning and exploring! Inform yourself about the newest discoveries in all areas that apply to our reality: sociology, neuroscience, genetics, quantum physics, spiritual teachings of different backgrounds, and why not, metaphysics, new archaeological discoveries that impact the religious beliefs and spiritual teachings. And not lastly, get a firm grip with the information available on the internet about the existence of other civilisations on earth and the various technologies in use affecting the human life and the planet’s geological condition, by design and on purpose. From science journals to the conspiracy theory and message from other civilisations, our world is full of otherwise censured information.

The question is, do you want to know?


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