“Can you clean my aura and my energies? I have a serial bad luck situation. Everything breaks and everything goes wrong.”

This was the “hello” with which a friend met me last night.

She’s been going through some major life changes in the past and has apparently met her “teacher”. I knew that she had finally arrived at the threshold point of her deep personal change.

“Only you could do that, darling!” came my half-amused reply, since her desperate plea came just a few minutes after my latest rant-article against fake gurus selling “karma cleaning” seminars as an “antidote to ineffective therapy”.

“But can’t you do something to…” “Nope!” came my fully amused answer.

“Whatever is going on, you have created it, or you have been willingly participating in creating it. By the sound of it, you have become a magnet, a perfect match for disasters. That’s karma, darling, and karma’s a bitch!” I continued, fully amused by now, seeing the patterns in her struggle and the cosmic nod following my latest article.

“I know!” answered my friend laughingly, by now as amused as I was.

“Whatever you have done, to whomever you have done it, is following you asking retribution, and you have to go back there and put it right.”

After mentioning few scenarios which I saw having a link, which she has half-acknowledged, half-denied, I went on in my “reading” mode:

“You have to go back and look at all your actions, physical, mental, verbal; things with which you have wronged somebody, consciously or unconsciously, willingly or recklessly.” My friend’s eyes dimmed as I was carrying on, sign that she was already viewing those circumstances.

“Sometimes we can be dragged in energetic battles for dominion by people who are jealous of us. They start off under the guise of friends ready to help when your guard is down, and then they do everything in their power to keep you down and them in that position of “superiority” over you. By the time you realise what happened, it’s too late. They’ve got you in their energetic swamp. You will feel that somehow the roles have strangely inverted: you see them acting as “you”, the one they were envying, abundant, confident, strong, etc., and you as “them”, having a lack mentality, insecure and … now jealous of them. Then the fight begins! Intuitively, you know that’s not you, and that’s not really them. You see through their manipulations, but you cannot voice it since it is so contrived that you would feel and look crazy if you just pointed it out.

Then you go on to a war of minds. You feel their mental projections, their vampiric energy and their intentions, and in a self-preservation desperate move, you pump your ego up to go one note above what they are doing. You act inauthentically. Basically, you have unwittingly taken on their energy and their behaviour, and they have taken yours.

This vampiric energetic swap is one of the most aggressive attacks on our psyche, on our subtle bodies, and as a result, on our success. From this place you feel depleted, you feel as if you are about to lose your mind and all sense of control over your circumstances. If before you knew who you were and what were you here for, if you had a firm belief in yourself and your hard-earned talents and gifts, now you feel worthless. Nothing seems to work anymore, and you seem to attract only the wrong people. Worst, as this happens, the first ones to run to tell about and cry over their shoulder are, of course, them.

As entranced by the sounds of the sirens, and against your better judgement, you feel pulled like by an invisible string towards these “friends”, who are more than happy to listen to your new fiasco stories with a satisfaction that is hard to ignore. By the time you are back home, you feel like hitting your head against the walls. You know you’ve been fooled again, yet, you don’t know quite how or how to get out of this insane cycle. You try to fight them back, you try to put them in their original place, and by doing so, you are doing what they have been doing initially to you, engulfing yourself even further in this energetic entrainment which risks to become permanent if you don’t get out of it.”

“ Oh my Go! You just perfectly described what it has been going on! As soon as you mentioned jealousy I felt it, I’m feeling it right now! I’m not a jealous person, never been, and yet, I am riddled with jealousy, exactly as you have described it, caught in a vicious triangle with some “friends”!

“I know! That’s why I mentioned it as I recognised the pattern. You have to get out of that asap!”

“But how? I tried to write them an email telling them that I’m done with them. These are people who are feeding on other people’s jealousy of them. I knew it!” My friend’s face lit up with a mix of joy for having the confirmation she was praying for that she is not losing her mind, and that there is hope and she could fix it.

“This is a hard link to break. And you could only break it if you could get rid of your entire ego, which they’ve elicited, and go back to the real you.

From your defensive position under their attack, you have done or tried to do to them, even if only mentally, what they have done to you. A wrong is a wrong in the end, no matter the circumstances.

All they wanted was to put you down and keep you there from where you have behaved at less than the normal you. That gave them their fix, their satisfaction. With every desperate attempt to restore the power balance, they grew stronger and you weaker. That, to them, “proved that you were nothing special, just as they thought, and they made you show your true marks”.

To break this “spell” you have to stop the power struggle!

“But how?” asked my friend, hanging on every word I was saying.

“You just have to give them what they wanted in the first place, but from a different position.

They wanted you on a lower scale than them. They craved your inferiority. Give it to them! Instead of looking at them as your enemies, look at them full of gratitude as to your best masters.” My friend’s face was half puzzled half elated.

“You see, as bad as they may seem to us, these people are our best teachers, our masters! If it weren’t for their unconsciousness and their lacks, you wouldn’t have discovered yours. If it weren’t for them pushing your ego’s buttons, you wouldn’t have known you had them. Without realising, they’ve played their cosmic part in helping you grow and evolve. So, give them that! Give them willingly now their position of superiority over you as your teachers for this lesson. Learn the lesson, thank them for it, love them for it and move on! Once you have done that, you have restored the natural balance and your energy. That’s the true you. But be aware that in every button they’ve pushed there is at least a half-truth. So you will have to revise yourself honestly and clear that up.

And be mindful of further attacks. As soon as you have done that, they will feel the energy shift. They will know they’ve been bested. They will feel being put back at their place in the same way they’ve taken yours: “surreptitiously” and they will do everything they can to bring you back in the game. All you have to do is look at them from now onwards as to your teachers, and every time they come to your mind, you’ll smile and honestly thank them from your heart. Then the link is severed. It will then be their time to learn their lesson and grow, but that’s none of your concern anymore.”

As I was saying all this to my friend I was getting goose bumps and my second chakra was whirling out of control almost making me shiver – sign that I have touched the right spot and the energy I was talking about, which was trying to have a go at me for uncovering its game. I was familiar with it, as I had experienced it on my skin at a debilitating level before I finally figured out the game and ‘the exit door’.

“Wow! I can actually feel it! Thank you! Thank you! I really feel it now. I’m going home tonight, and I will do as you said. But, strangely, it feels as if the work has started already while you were talking about it.”


We left, my daughter and I with a full box of her delicious ice cream she is selling at our local night markets, feeling grateful for the opportunity to help a friend, grateful for the synchronistic confirmation that my point on the “karma cleaning gurus” was the right thing to do, and grateful for the occasion to thank once more my own teachers for the lesson they have taught me, without which I could not have helped my friend.

Needless to say, I was beaming with gratitude, love and joy!


The answer to any problem is always within ourselves, and generally, the best answer to all problems is LOVE.

You don’t need “protective measures” and magic rituals to “cut psychic cords”! As you have read, by doing that you actually entangle yourself more in the web and validate the attack. Just take the lesson and be thankful for it, love your teachers and the magic will happen all by itself.


To your freedom, joy and LOVE,


Let's make this world a better place!