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Accompagnement en santé mentale et bien-être psycho-spirituel

Dépression, angoisses, sommeil, conditions psychosomatiques, mémoire, aide pendant un traitement ou intervention chirurgicale.

Accompagnement pour les enfants : peurs, cauchemars, problèmes avec la nourriture, sommeil, timidité, estime et confiance en soi.

CWS Master Programme 8 Semaines

  • Changement de vie – Coaching & Mentorat Psycho-spirituel
  • Coaching pour les acteurs de la santé publique : thérapeutes, médecins: burn out professionnel, formations dans l’intelligence émotionnelle introduite par la Méthode CWS Coaching*
  • Gestion du stress et amélioration de la qualité de vie affective pour les professionnelles.

 CWS Coaching* & Le Sage Roi – Ateliers d’intelligence émotionnelle

Intervention dans les écoles pour introduire la science de nos émotions à nos enfants dès le plus jeune âge.

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Counselling, Spiritual & Health Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Training to become a CWS Coach*

CWS Coaching* is worldwide renowned for the effective natural treatment of stress-related issues, anxiety, depression and psychosomatic conditions. To see a medical doctor’s testimonial about our approach see our testimonials.

Email Mentoring

Ideal for long distance clients, professionals, mums at home or celebrities unable to travel or wishing to maintain their need for help private.

What could be addressed successfully through email mentoring:

  • One-off advice on a personal issue: indecision as to a course of action, self-doubts before an important event, self-confidence boosting, etc.
  • Life crisis: divorce, betrayal, having an affaire and wanting to resolve the issue in a safe and constructive manner for all involved, loss of a dear one, illness, etc. 
  • Having your personal mentor with whom you can consult during the day without travel and on the need basis is what this programme has been praised for.

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