There is a saying in hypnotherapy that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. And it is because it is the person’s mind that takes them into the trance state, which is as unique as the individual experiencing it.

We are qualified guides, like the Sherpa’s of the Himalayan explorers, or like the diving instructors. We are there to ensure that the client had reached their pick or seen their depths and emerges wiser and better equipped.
The journey, the realisation and the healing result of this inner pilgrimage are the client’s achievement.

We may also say then that all healing is self-healing.


What Is Healing And How Can We Attain It?


Healing is bringing back balance and harmony into a system. The human body and mind are part of the human being’s system. The body is the vehicle through which we experience our environment and at the same time the feedback machine of our inner world. It works in a continuous feedback loop with our non-physical realities known as thoughts and emotions.

If you bump into a chair hurting your toe (physical), you may experience an inner discomfort called pain (non-physical).

It works the same way in reverse: you may remember an unpleasant event (thought – non-physical), which may create physical pain (a headache, muscular contractions, etc.). Or you may imagine biting from a lemon just to find your mouth experiencing an increase in saliva.

In all cases, well-being or discomfort, confidence or lack of it, illness or health are the results of our internal interpretation based on our previous experiences to which we have been exposed in our given environment.

What is ‘good’ for one is ‘bad’ for another. What is pain to one is pleasure for another. What is beautiful for one is ugly for another. What is easy for some is difficult for others, and so on, depending on the values and beliefs each has of our environment in which we have emerged.

What makes the difference? A lot of things, which I explain in my book Conversations With Self. But in the end, it comes down to two factors: ignorance and awareness.

Awareness is not the result of academic studies, but the result of applied self-study. When we understand ourselves, we understand the world around us.
Understanding is the cure and the antidote for fear, and fear is the result of all suffering.

Think of the body as the data collector agent, and the mind as the data processing office, and then again the body as the executor of the decision taken in that office.
The one linking the two is our emotional intelligence. With greater knowledge comes greater control and greater creative powers.

It is the inner processing (thought/feeling) of information received from outside or created internally (imagination) that generates the outer-physical experience we call “reality”.

If you were to walk on hot piping coal, you would most surely experience severe pain and burns. However, if you would have the Knowledge (the link between the mind and body) of how to control your mind as the fire-walkers do, your feet would not experience the typical results of contact with fire.

Another example which baffles the medical science still to this day is “the placebo effect”. A sugar pill or few drops of water administered to patients believing that they take a strong medicine for their conditions have proven to work in some cases better than the real drug.

How is that possible? Remember, the body is the data collector. It collects the outside information through its known sensory faculties: the sight of the pill, the hearing of the explanation, the sensing of the setting (hospital, doctor’s practice)…
The ‘data processing office’- the mind, then transforms this information into a physical result by altering chemical and neurological responses to correspond with the expected result.

And here again, we are sent to an inner, non-physical realm, since expectations are non-physical and vary from one individual to another, conditioned by their set of beliefs.

Beliefs too are non-physical, and they too vary from individual to individual in the proportion of their mental development achieved through learning and experience since birth.

Mental development, in this explanation, is not to be interpreted as ‘academic knowledge’, but as a whole, including the emotional intelligence, the academic and the spiritual evolution or the enhanced awareness of an individual.

It is our ignorance and this fragmentation of the Mind’s triune: spirit, intellect and emotions what causes us the “illness”, and the ones preventing us from reinstalling the balance. And unfortunately, both, scientific and alternative or spiritual healing are still falling short of this understanding. Science, because it ignores the spirit. Spiritual healing, because it ignores the mastodontic importance of emotional intelligence and the merits of the intellect.

It pays to say that I fell prey of both sides: I was swinging between the proud intellect and its analytical reasoning, to the detriment of emotions and spirit, to then be thrown into the other extreme of spirituality, not knowing how to relate the two without sounding like a “delusional new-ager”.

When I was experimenting on the emotional plan, I was then torn apart in between the two extremes: spirit and intellect. Searching to understand a physical response to an emotional experience from the cerebral explanations given by the different schools of behavioural science was taking me nowhere, other than, perhaps, to one of their mental institutions, had I persisted in that line of thought.

Most of them are close to the answer but incomplete, hence their inefficiency in dealing with depression, OCD and many other mental or “psychosomatic conditions”.

As long as we keep rejecting our full individuality and keep living in fear, we stop this higher awareness from helping us understand the exact things that we try to figure out at great expenses.

Fanatic religious beliefs lead to imbalance as it does the misinterpretation of being spiritually evolved. Exclusive intellectual (cerebral) approach too. Asserting that one is better than the other is showing a manifested lack of understanding.

Healing is the result of our emotional fitness and balance. And that demands both, intellectual and spiritual intelligence since emotions are the median between the two.

A right balance between the three aspects of our essence is, in my experience, the key to healing and evolution.

In fact, it is the key to living our lives in such harmonious way that we no longer need “healing.”

Copyright Gratiela M. Rosu

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Health Educator, Funder of CWS Coaching*



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